Extra Amenities


Sarah Witt - thesarahwitt@gmail.com
Katherine King - www.katherine-king.com - 760.285.4115
Margarita Mrazek Coss - www.mycateringbydesign.com - 760.345.4421
Chef Rosa Ficara - 602.295.6612 https://www.yelp.com/biz/mojave-monaco-joshua-tree
Chef Charlie - https://www.instagram.com/joshuatreeweddingcompany/

Yoga Teachers

Karen Tracy - http://karentracy.net/ - 760.401.0809
Sabrinna Bennet - https://www.facebook.com/sabrinabennettyoga
Joshua Peña - Transform Within Yoga Studio - 760.625.4345

Massage Therapists

Sonya (over 25 years experience) - 530.632.1472
Ryan at Mojave Massage - www.mojavemassage.com
Colleena Sabatino - candelabra7@gmail.com - 520.370.1465

Telescope Sky Tour

If you would like a better view of the night sky there is a company called Sky Watcher that offers a “Star Tour". - http://www.sky-watcher.com/

Desert Plant Walk

Piper Lee Pipkin also offers Desert Plant Walks and Medicine Making workshops www.SunRitual.com

Hypnotherapy / Guided Meditation

Enjoy a relaxing guided meditation or a healing hypnotherapy session full of self-discovery with renowned hypnotherapist, spiritual teacher, author, and founder of Desert Reset retreat, Cynthia Morgan. www.TheCynthiaMorgan.com

Food Delivery

Desert Deliveries - https://desertdeliveries.net/